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Professional Translators

Our key to success is the skills and quality of our translators. We make sure that we carefully select our team to ensure that they speak fluently in both French and English languages and have the necessary specific skills and expertise to deliver quality results.

Quality Customer Service

We work closely with our clients to ensure quality in our work. It is our responsibility to ask clients to tell us about the document needed to be translated, who the document is intended for, and what our clients hope to achieve. As such, we also make sure that translated documents undergo rigorous quality assurance checks before sending them to our clients.

Need to Translate any French Document to English?

Sika Translation has a team of translators who are proficient in both French and English languages. Their skills, experience, and linguistic abilities allow them to deliver accurate and efficient results to our clients.

Quality Transcription Services for Your Business Needs

With a growing number of happy clients, we are your reliable source for quick and accurate transcription services. Our transcribers are experienced in the field to ensure any of your transcription expectations are met. You can trust us to provide you with accurate transcription solutions for good audio.

Quality Interpreting Services

Are you in need of interpreting services? Whether you have a client, colleague, or a supplier, there is nothing better than gaining more effective communication than speaking to them in their own language. We have a network of interpreters who are on standby to help you interpret whichever language you need, be it French or English.

Expert Translation Services

We offer professional translation services that are guaranteed to hit the mark. Whichever type of document that you need to be translated, you can count on our professional translators to provide you with quick and accurate translation solutions. They can translate any document from French to English or English to French.

Government Services You Can Count On

Do you have a pile of government documents that need to be translated? Whether it is a birth certificate, marriage certificate, or any document from certified public notaries, you can trust us to translate those documents for you from French to English or English to French.

How Can We Help You?

Let us know what you need! You can set an appointment with us to get started with our services.

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